What Are You Reading?: Cassie Pattillo

What book are you reading currently? (don’t worry—no spoilers!)

I just finished up Anything by Jennie Allen, a book where she discuss how her and her husband came to the point of surrender where they were willing to pray “anything”.


What has been your favorite thing about the book?

It is so hard to pick a favorite thing about the book!  I absolutely love Jennie’s writing style; I felt like I was just chatting with a friend over coffee as I read.  What I loved most, though, is her authenticity and message in the book. She openly shares the struggle that so many of us battle in private, the struggle of truly releasing every aspect of our lives to Christ.  


How has this book challenged you?

I have followed Christ for most of my life.  I say that I trust him and am surrendered to him, but am I really?  This book challenged me to truly get to the point of surrender where I, too, can freely ask God to do anything with my life.  Honestly, anything is kind of scary, because it forces me to release control of my life and the things that I want to hold on to so dearly to.  However, Jennie so graciously challenges her readers that Christ is worth anything.  Our lives on this earth are so short, and Jennie has realized this, so she sets forth the worthy challenge of spending our brief time on this earth willing to do anything for the sake of the gospel.


Do you relate to any of the characters/if so why? Or Do you relate to the author? If so, why?

I feel like Jennie and I are the same person in so many ways, blonde hair and all.  At the time she wrote the book, her husband was a pastor. I, too, am a pastor’s wife.  Her and her husband adopted their son. My husband and I are currently in an adoption process.  She is passionate about the Word of God and loves to write and teach about it. These are passions that God has placed in my heart as well.  So, yes, it was so easy to relate to Jennie and all that she was saying, because so much of her “anythings” are becoming mine.


Would you recommend this to your friends?

Definitely!  Scripture tells us that we are to give up our lives for the sake of Christ, that we are to live in total surrender to him.  The reality is, though, that most Christians don’t truly and fully give up their lives. They want Jesus, but they want the comforts and success of this world too.  This book challenges that notion and will leave readers ready and willing to do anything for the sake of the kingdom of Jesus.



Hi! I’m Cassie, wife of seven years to Jack, and mama to Hunter (4) and Isaac (2). I’m also “paper pregnant” as we are in the process of adopting a daughter from India. Jack is a student pastor, so I split most of my time between teenagers and toddlers. I love serving alongside him, studying the Word, and writing and teaching about the Word. I am also a big fan of slow mornings with a cup of coffee, a good book on the beach, and Gamecock football.