Spotlight: Krystal Wilson

Tell us a little bit about who you are (where are you from, family, work, etc)

I grew up in a small town not too far from here in the household of two public servants. In my small town, there were only two ways to “get out”, either sports or academics. I chose sports and went off to school to play softball. After college, I went to grad school in SC, met my husband and began a career in criminal justice until my husband graduated. Soon after, we moved to Wake Forest so that he could pursue an MDiv. In the meantime, the Lord has blessed us with 2 beautiful children and community.

If you had a free day and unlimited money, what would you spend your day doing?

I would pay for homes to be built and staff to care for all homeless children across the globe. I would start a non-profit to assist in bringing resources and assistance to US tribal lands that can be self-sustained by the people. I would give a grant to the government to develop an entity aimed at putting a stop to gentrification and would instead work to equip low-income and high crime communities with the tools necessary to improve their communities and bring resources to the area.  I would of course: pay off debt, by my parents a home in the mountains, buy my sister her dream home, and pay for college for my children and nephews. And I would pay for my public administration degree and associates in wood-working J

Who is the most influential person in your life?

My parents. My mom is such a patient and giving person, she gives as if her well will never run dry because she trusts in her Savior to satisfy her every thirst. My dad is the wisest and hardest working person I know. He pursues wisdom as if looking for lost treasure and delights to share his “riches’ with anyone who will listen!

What is one book that you think everyone should have on their bookshelf?

I couldn’t decide between The Signature Classics of C.S Lewis and The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson. Wilkerson’s book is a must read. It gives you a historical view of how things came to be as they are through the lens of those who have lived through the hardest eras as an African American.

What is a verse that you would consider your “life verse”?

Pretty much all of Ps. 27, particularly vs. 4-6 though. It reminds me that someday my eyes shall see our risen Savior, someday I will behold His beauty. In my days of trouble, the Lord will bring me in and help me to see beyond my enemies or what lies before me, He will lift me up and sustain me and even then, my soul will praise the Lord.

What are three words that people would use to describe you?

I’ve heard most often, people describe me as servant-hearted, determined, and compassionate.